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Irish Seafood Producers Group
The Irish Seafood Producer Group is Ireland's leading Farmed Salmon and Trout exporting company and is one of the largest seafood companies in the country. The Irish fish farming industry is the fourth largest in Europe. We have specialised in the rearing of high quality low fat salmon, together with sleek strongly pigmented trout and perhaps, most importantly, we have also pioneered the farming of organic salmon.

Website: www.ispg.ie

Murphy's Irish Seafood.

Website: http://www.fastnetseafoods.ie/murphys-english


BIM is the Irish State agency with responsibility for developing the Irish Sea Fishing and Aquaculture industries. BIM was established under the Sea Fisheries Act 1952.
The policies and programmes to pursue this mission are determined by the Board of BIM and are set out within the framework of the National Development Plan 2000 – 2006 ("NDP"), EU policies and available resources.
A primary objective of BIM policy is to expand the volume, quality and value of output from the seafish and aquaculture sectors. BIM’s approach is to focus on the opportunities for growth in these sectors while seeking to alleviate constraints that impede development.
Website: www.bim.ie

Marine Harvest
Marine Harvest is the world’s leading fish farming company, supplying first class farmed salmon products and a range of excellent products from other farmed fish species to discerning customers in more than 70 countries.

Irish Organic
IOFGA is the largest organic association in Ireland with over 650 registered farmers, growers and processors. Over 1,000 members support the association by subscription.
Organic production has increased from 4401ha in 1993 to 25,475ha in 1999, and the number of certified producers has increased for the same period by over 391%.

Marine Institute
The Marine Institutes aim is to undertake, to co-ordinate, to promote and to assist in marine research and development and to provide such services related to marine research and development, that in the opinion of the Institute will promote economic development and create employment and protect the environment.
Website: www.marine.ie

Aqua Culture
Aquaculture.ie arose from a need to have a comprehensive list of links and resources covering all aspects of aquaculture in Ireland in one place. No frills and snazzy graphics, just informative, comprehensive, and useful. From this basic premise, the idea grew into the concept of The Gateway to Aquaculture in Ireland a web-based resource aimed at both the Irish and International community.

Being based at the Aquaculture Development Centre, University College Cork, Ireland, with over 14 years participation in Irish aquaculture R&D, we are well-placed to carry out this task. As we are part of an academic institution, all services and resources are completely free and open to everyone.

Website: www.aquaculture.ie

PISCES is a European Commission Leonardo da Vinci Pilot Project, co-ordinated by AquaTT.
PISCES brings together 11 partners from 8 European countries. The project commenced in January 2002 with a funded duration of 2 years. The specific aim of the project is to set up the website which will have no known existing parallel in Europe.

AquaTT is a network of co-operating university and industry members involved in the aquaculture sector in Europe.
The network supports the aquaculture industry through the provision of support services and participation in EU projects and programmes in the areas of education, training and technology transfer.
AquaTT is a non-profit making organisation, all money generated is used directly to support the industry.
Website: www.aquatt.ie

Údarás na Gaeltachta
Údarás na Gaeltachta combines an economic development role that of creating sustainable jobs and attracting investment to the Gaeltacht regions with community, cultural and language-development activities, working in partnership with local communities and organisations.
With its headquarters at Na Forbacha, County Galway, Údarás na Gaeltachta has regional offices in Donegal, Mayo, Kerry and Cork .
The Authority's work builds on the policies of successive governments in maintaining and developing the Gaeltacht as a vibrant community where there is a sufficient level of economic activity to sustain the community and where the language is established at the heart of that economic activity.
Website: www.udaras.ie

Mannin Bay Salmon
Mannin Bay Salmon farm is an organic salmon farm situated on the picturesque west coast of Ireland. The fish from this farm swim in the clear blue Atlantic waters close to where the first transatlaantic flight landed in Clifden. One of the pioneers of organic salmon farming in Ireland, Mannin Bay is a prime example of how respect for the environment, animal welfare and concern for the consumer can harmoniously co- exisist.

Aquafood srl
Aqua Food srl nasce come agente e importatore di salmone affumicato e gamberi in salamoia.


Krone GMBH
Unser Sortiment umfaßt Spezialitäten wie den atlantischen Salmo Salar "Superieur", den König der Lachse oder schottischen Lachs, den wir aus den kalten, klaren Highlandgewässern Nordschottlands beziehen, wo die Natur noch rein und gesund ist. Weitere Köstlichkeiten sind Stremellachs, der über Buche und Erle heiß geräuchert und fein gesalzen wird sowie unser irischer Lachs, der aus den reinsten Küstengewässern Europas stammt. Probieren Sie auch den einzigartigen Lachs des Zaren, Kodiak Wildlachs -eine Kostbarkeit der Natur- sowie unsere köstliche Schlemmerplatte. Für alle unsere Rauchlachsspezialitäten verarbeiten wir nur die edelsten Stücke.
Website: http://www.krone-fisch.de/
This months supplier is:
Marine Harvest
Rinmore, Cashel PO. Letterkenny, Co.Donegal
Irish SeaSpray. Lettermore, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland. T: +353 91 551 222 F: +353 91 551 234 E: info@irishseaspray.com
Oileán Mara Teoranta. Tír an Fhia, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ire. T: +353 91 551 222 F: +353 91 551 234 E: info@irishseaspray.com